quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2012

HIFU Alternative For Prostate Cancer

Unfortunately, prostate cancer continues to grow, and each year more men will be Diagnoses cancer prostate. Many deaths are caused to be discovered in a very advanced state. But now thanks to science many lives saved and lives are pocuos colateerais effects in patients who undergo the treatment.

The big problem is that the cancer early when patients do not experience any symptoms, it hurts a lot, many patients remain many years without seeking advice. Today for Early Diagnoses is when a digital rectal examination (DRE). After 40 years of age, all men beware, she chooses income, color or race. Phase where risk is greater from 60 to 79 years. Men who have difficulty urinating.

Even without difficulty urinating all men over 40 have to look for exams, and Urologyweb is a new alternative for the treatment of prostate cancer. The technique is Ultrasound high intensity focused (HIFU), which uses focused ultrasound wave energy on the prostate by means of a transrectal probe. Several focal areas of destruction are created within the prostate. The prostate tissue is destroyed by coagulation by wave energy ultrasound causing rapid rise of the heat to about 90 degrees at the focal point. One study showed that in Japanese men who had a PSA 10 or less, there was a rate of localized disease-free 94% after three years HIFU.
this method has been programmed to treat benign prostate disease, but may have other indications. "With the refinement of the technology and the acquisition of convincing results in the treatment of cancer, there is the possibility of treating malignancies,

This is the revolution in science, please visit Urologyweb more about this revolutionary technique in medicine.

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