domingo, 22 de março de 2015

Extra money with Neobux and Grandbux

Many people criticize PTC because usually pay a few cents for clicks. If we see the really gross value per click is low, but we have to make the relationship between time and earnings. Generally we will not need to spend much time in PTC, simply login and click or choose update during the day to see it appear more ads. But nothing that will consume much of our time.

I recommend the Grandbux and Neobux because pay on time and have multiple ads throughout the day. Grandbux is one of the most adored PTCS in 2014 was a success and now in 2015 will remain.
Neobux is always paying for several years and making many have a good extra income, especially for those who are active on the site and refer new members to the site.

Both sites pay on PayPal and Payza, virtual currency most used for online payments. Generally PayPal is accepted in good credibility sites and Paypal accept both, that's good a sign.

Tips to improve your earnings:
Visit at least once a day, in case you get more time on the Internet always go and refresh the page, especially the Neobux because appear many ads per day.
Try to refer friends or even indicate in social networks, but do not practice spam.
Disable Adblock or similiar to view ads,

Click on the banner and register and start making money.

Grandbux has an anti cheater ads, it is important to pay attention to click.

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