sexta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2009

Make money in easy-share hosting files

Easy-share is a big server who pay you to host files videos, photos, text is so, but how can I win with my files? is very simple just send your file is to get your link, disclosed in forum, sites, blogs are where you want.

How to pay?

The 1000 downloads of your files you will receive $ 2.00 dollars.

To receive what is needed?

just have a paypal account in the virtual bank, is to be user in easy-share premium.

What is needed to get a free premium account in easy-share?

You must have 15 thousand downloads in 30 days is very easy to achieve, only 500 are downloaded daily.

What minimum to receive the easy-share?

only $ 10.

Where can I spend my money received?

you can make big purchases on the auction site ebay, or transfer to your credit card.

Sign up in easy-share

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